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Launch VMS is PrideOne’s proprietary software solution for managing the full life-cycle of a company’s contingent workforce—including independent contractors and statements of work (SOW) employees.

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Worker FAQs

Who should I contact if I have a problem with my timesheet or paycheck?

Contact your PrideOne dedicated program specialist or send an email to PrideOne’s payroll department at

Where can I access my paystub if I have direct deposit?

Your paystub can be accessed via the ADP iPay portal. Registration instructions are enclosed.

If I do not work for a full week, will I still receive a paystub?

No, you will not receive a paystub if you did not submit hours for a full pay period. A paystub will only be issued when you have been paid for hours worked during a pay period.

Where can I access my W2 form?

You can view your W2 through the ADP iPay portal. In addition, your W2 will be mailed at the beginning of each year to the home address that you provided on your W-4 tax form during onboarding.

Does PrideOne offer benefits?

Yes, we offer Medical, Dental, Vision, and Short-term Disability insurance to employees working 30 or more hours per week. New employees are eligible for benefits on the first of the month following 59 days of employment. Employees can only enroll or waive benefits within the first two weeks of employment, during an open enrollment period, or if you have an IRS qualifying, life event.

How are my insurance premiums paid?

Premiums will be taken through payroll deductions twice per month. You must notify your PrideOne representative when you plan to take off one week or more from your assignment to prevent any interruption in coverage. If a deduction is scheduled during a pay period which you are not issued a check, the benefits deduction will be postponed to the next scheduled pay period. If the next scheduled pay period already has a benefits deduction scheduled, please expect both deductions to be taken.

Who do I contact if I haven’t received my benefits member ID card(s)?

Contact PrideOne’s benefits department at

Will I be compensated for holidays that the client observes?

Temporary workers are only paid for days worked. You will not be compensated for any hours or days off of your assignment.

Will I be paid for sick days off from my assignment?

Sick leave varies from state to state. Please reach out to your dedicated PrideOne program specialist.

If I am summoned to jury duty, will I be paid by PrideOne?

Jury duty pay varies from state to state. Please reach out to your dedicated PrideOne program specialist.

Who do I contact for an employment verification?

Contact PrideOne’s employment verification team at to verify your employment.

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