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Launch VMS is PrideOne’s proprietary software solution for managing the full life-cycle of a company’s contingent workforce—including independent contractors and statements of work (SOW) employees.

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Payroll & Passthrough Programs

PrideOne understands the current economic and regulatory landscape when it comes to employment. Our program managers and subject matter experts will work with you to create a customized and tailored approach to employing your contingent workforce.


Third-party payroll or passthrough services offer companies and non-profit organizations a cost-effective method to manage the payroll of temporary workers while staying compliant with the evolving landscape of federal, state and local regulations.


Our payroll services include the following worker types: internal referrals, interns, seasonal workers, returning retirees, 1099 independent contractors, and other professional talent.

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Are you paying fair market value for your payroll services?

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Streamlined Onboarding


PrideOne develops a customized process tailored to your workflow along with detailed documents that explain the respective procedures for hiring managers, suppliers and the workers. A dedicated point of contact will manage the employment life cycle from initial contact to offboarding and will be present to answer questions that any party may have.

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Risk Mitigation


Independent Contractor (IC) and W-2 compliance ensures that clients are contractually protected and reduces co-employment risk. Our in-depth knowledge of wage & hour laws, IRS regulations regarding IC’s, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) classifications, and the evolving requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reduces the risk of Department of Labor (DOL) reclassification and unanticipated OT expense and penalties.

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Cost Effectiveness


PrideOne’s offshore back office and proprietary vendor management system – Launch VMS – allows us to provide payroll and passthrough services at a low cost compared to our competition.  As the “employer of record” PrideOne takes on all of the responsibility for employment risks, allowing the client to focus on the core business functions and not the logistics of employing people.

Resources & Documentation


As part of our Payroll & Passthrough program, PrideOne prepares customized documentation that outlines all of the procedures and FAQ’s for both the manager and worker. We also provide a detailed guide on how to use our proprietary vendor management system – Launch VMS.


List of documents:

  • Manager Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contractor / W-2 Frequently Asked Questions
  • Launch Guide for Workers
  • Launch Guide for Managers

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