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Launch VMS is PrideOne’s proprietary software solution for managing the full life-cycle of a company’s contingent workforce—including independent contractors and statements of work (SOW) employees.

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Contractor Management

A growing number of workers prefer to be employed as Independent Contractors (IC) to take advantage of flexible hours and income independence.  As a result, companies must adapt to the current trend to staff the best talent.


Working with IC’s gives companies access to highly-skilled and experienced workers but it can also expose you to costly penalties and litigation resulting from improper classification.


PrideOne’s Consultant Lifecycle Management program will ensure that your company engages the IC population in alignment with new and evolving labor laws.


Specifically, PrideOne will manage the following:


  • Comprehensive assessment of worker status
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Risk assessment
  • Benefit Options
  • Issuing of 1099s
  • Program documentation
  • Dedicated program specialist
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